Who We Are

Our mission is to help kids develop a real, authentic, loving relationship with Jesus Christ!
Our Kidz on the Rise staff must be adequately qualified to serve in this ministry. Each staff member has completed a thorough application, background check and received training.
Classrooms for Nursery, Preschool, and Grade-School aged kids are offered during all of our Sunday and Wednesday night services.

Lions and Lambs Nursery

Newborn – 23 months Church on the Rise considers the nursery to be an important area of ministry, both for the parent and the child.  Our Nursery is staffed with trained, caring adults who provide a safe and secure environment conducive to a child’s physical, social and spiritual growth. When you are confident in leaving your baby in the care of our staff, you are then able to worship with a sense of security. We have taken great care to prepare our Nursery rooms to be the best environment for your baby with age appropriate toys and an opportunity to interact with others. We believe every child we care for is precious in the eyes of God.

Praisin’ Preschool

24 months – 5 Years Our goal is to encourage preschoolers in a growing, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and others in an atmosphere where they feel a sense of belonging. We present biblical learning materials with a hands-on approach to help establish in the children’s hearts an active faith toward God and His Word. We have designed age appropriate classes just for them. Every lesson taught reinforces Bible truths. We teach the simplicity of the Gospel through a variety of stories, crafts, Bible action songs and other activities.


Kindergarten – 5th Grade Kidz on the Rize Live offers a place where children from 1st through 5th grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God. Our children’s services are fully staffed with adults and high school students who are committed to teaching and ministering to children. You can be confident that your child is well-cared for and having a great time worshiping and learning about God while you do the same.  Not only do we minister to your kids on Sundays, but we want to equip you as the caretakers to be able to minister to them throughout the week as well!  We have a Weekly Family Devotional that we construct ourselves based on the teaching from Sunday's kids service!  We pass out hard copies on Sunday Mornings, but if you prefer, click HERE to download the most recent Family Devotional!

3550 Crocker Road                          440-808-0200

Westlake, OH 44145                   Monday - Thursday

                                                          9AM - 5PM

                                                     Sun. 9:30 & 11AM

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